Who is APK Perks and what we do?

APK Perks Not Just Perks; as the name defined itself, is an established & renowned service provider in Financial Inclusion Service Industry, having partnered with Leading Financial Institutions & Business Associates over a long time.

True to its character of a technology pioneer & enabler, APK Perks works with Financial Institutions, System Integrates and IT Consulting / Advisory Firms to introduce class leading solutions. Solutions that enable customers and our business partners to experience impact and to bring about transformation in their business and strategies. APK Perks is a conglomerate with diversified activities into financial inclusion, social inclusion, digital India, skill development, employment, government programs and a wider access to basic goods and services.

We leverage our vast network of retail access points to deliver real-time BFSI services, G2C Services, B2C Services & B2B Services to the non-served rural, semi-urban and urban markets.

Our Team

Our team of professionals help us and our business associates to manage our business all the way to be on top of the charts. The key role players of our team are:

The Promoters
Team Leaders
Information Security Team
Technical Experts
Domain Experts
Team Members
Service Delivery Team
Operations Team
Service Desk
Testing Team
Suppliers and many more
Our Mission

APK perks aims to be India’s no. 1 rural & urban centric service provider by offering innovative ideas and proven modern technologies to facilitate universal financial and social inclusion. To be the fastest growing, most rewarding and most transformative leadership community.

Our Plan

APK Perks focuses on lower investment and more earnings . APK Perks reduces operational cost therefore it increases profits .We provide wider range of our services as we have a planned and correct channel development . We provide services for 24*7. YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR MOTTO.

Our Vision

APK Perks believes to be the best service provider by contributing creative ideas and advance technologies to smoothen the financial and social facilities in all over the Indian. To provide customer satisfaction and to gain customer believes.

Our Strengths

APK Perks reduces the significant operational costs and thereby increases profits. APK Perks offers easy-to-use and accessible portals and services in varied denominations to its subscribers thus widens service reach and improves market penetration.

At APK Perks, service providers enjoy the liberty of having different channels types to reach their target customers. Real-time Reports and 24X7 customer service support. APK Perks generates a real-time report that gives a clear picture of the end-user. These facts help service providers to define strategies to optimize profits.


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