Payment Solutions

Whether you’re an ecommerce merchant or you run a grocery-and-essential needs shop, eventually you will need a solution for mobile commerce.

APK Perks is India’s leading service providers of digital payment solutions. We provide customized products and services of digital payment solutions including merchant solutions, transaction processing services and mobile wallets.

We equip our retailer segment with state-of-the-art automated payment processing systems and best in class billing software systems in association with the best companies in the industry to ensure consistent footfalls and value creation through better understanding of customer requirements.

Some of our automated payment processing systems include essential payment facilities like billing terminals, card reading machines (PoS/ mini PoS) and cash counting / currency check machines.

Other value-added services like running loyalty programs and integration of digital payment systems further help strengthen the customer relationship lifecycle and overall performance of the retail company.


Our POS machines are loaded with futuristic billing software system, for merchants today, our PoS machines are designed to make the billing terminal experience smoother for both customers and shop keepers. These automated payment processing systems allow companies to monitor payment transactions remotely and accumulate real-time reports.

APK Perks

APK Perks Not Just Perks; as the name defined itself, is an established & renowned service provider in Financial Inclusion Service Industry, having partnered with Leading Financial Institutions & Business Associates over a long time.